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  • Circlip

    External Circlip

    Sarvpar is one of the proficient circlip manufacturers in India. A circlip is also known as circlip lock. We manufacture different types of circlips like circlip e type or E-Type circlip, circlip external or external circlip, internal circlip, etc. The circlip sizes/circlip dimensions, that we manufacture ranges from 4mm to 200mm.The materials in which we manufacture circlip are …

  • Circlip

    Internal Circlip

    We supply different circlip types like circlip internal or internal circlip, external circlip, E- type circlip, etc. The circlip dimensions or internal circlip groove dimension or circlip groove dimensions or
    circlip dimensions internal in which we deal are 8mm to 200mm. The circlip HSN code or circlip hs code is 7318. The most circlip uses are motors, turbines, and pistons.