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    Concrete Nail – Angular Spiral Shank

    We manufacture and supply different types of Concrete nails like Angular Spiral Shank, Concrete Nail – Smooth Shank Concrete Nail – Twilled Shank, etc. Nails are made up of stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, or bronze. We manufacture Concrete nails in different materials in different sizes as per customer requirement.

  • Nails

    Concrete Nail – Smooth Shank

    We are one of the major concrete nail manufacturers in India. Being one of the leading manufacturers, our concrete nails price is very reasonable. We also manufacture and deal in the concrete nail – smooth shank. Concrete nail (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) HSN code is 7318. The concrete nail gun is used to fit a nail in the wall.

  • Nails

    Concrete Nail – Twilled Shank

    Sarvpar is engaged in the manufacture and supply of different fasteners including nails. Nails are used for fastening two different objects together. We supply nails in different sizes as per customer requirement.