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  • Threaded Rod

    Full Threaded Rod / Threaded Bars

    Like any other fastener, fully threaded rod or full threaded rod which is in sometimes known as the stud is used to connect two different objects. We supply GI full threaded rod, stainless steel fully threaded rod, full threaded rod end bolts.
    We are one of the prime threaded rod manufacturers in Mumbai, India.
    Threaded Rod standard DIN is …

  • Threaded Rod

    Half Threaded Rod

    We manufacture half threaded rods of different materials like stainless steel and in many other grades of mild steel. We trade in various types of studs all over the world. Threaded rod HSN code is 7318.
    we supply different sized Threaded rods:
    Half inch threaded rods
    One inch threaded rods
    We also manufacture threaded rods in different sizes as per customer requirements also.